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Suri PV on the left, regular PV on the right. You can notice the "fluffiness" of the suri fleece, as well as the presence of guard hair on the regular PV
Oliver Twist
Chilena as a youngster
Firecracker female suri PV  DOB 10/11/2013
Jefferson Farms Products
PV-Suris ( or Suri-PVs; I can't make up my mind either, ha!)  are just like regular suri alpacas except so much finer!  We have suri PVs with 14-16 microns even at age 5 or more!  What you will see are suri-PVs that look a little "fluffier" than regular suris.  This is due to the lower micron, their fleece is so much lighter that it won't really hang or lay flat on the animal.  Also there isn't significant twist in the locks.  This is a positive trait as it makes it so much easier to process the fiber.  The locks don't have to be untwisted or pulled for drafting.  Curvatures still measure in the low twenties to the single digits, measuring the silky nature of the fleece.  We are the largest breeder of the suri PVs, but still, their fleece is in limited supply!
Oliver Twist has a very fine fleece- 15.8 micron in 2013, date of birth 10/14/2010  so a very valid result!
Chilena is my star suri PV.   Born in August of 2008, her 2013 micron came back at 14.3 microns!!!  Her crias are stars as well, her 2014 cria is a stunning little male that everyone has been gravitating to.  Dad is suri PV Jethro.  He is new to the herd, and just shorn this year, so waiting for his micron count.  In his favor is his color- a stunning deep mahogany or true maroon.
Little Miss Firecracker lived up to her name!  A stunning mahogany, not well pictured here, but she has luster and personality.  We don't have micron info yet, but she was shorn this spring so we will have that data soon.
High quality and 100% customer satisfaction are our top priorities.
This is "Survivor" for lack of a better name right now.  Born 10/1/2014, he was a full breech, I couldn't get him out for the life of me. Luckily I have the best vet in the world, and after about 5 hours of labor, several just waiting to see if she really was in labor, 40 minutes of me trying to get legs out, 30 minutes for the vet to arrive, the vet Dr. Debbie Mayo had him out in 5 minutes literally!  He hit the ground, all lively and ready to nurse.  Remarkable.  And the dam was no worse for the ordeal either.  These animals will amaze you with their ability to survive and thrive.
this handsome boy is Bond, James Bond.  HIs dam is one of our original PV dams, ear tag #007, get it?  So a crafty suri-PV male, Fidal, managed to get into the girls herd for a few days last year.  The happy result was this little guy plus one other male out of our PV Peggy.  Both are stunning suris, so that led us to use Fidal for real this year!