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Jefferson Farms Natural Fibers
CONTACT US: 303-870-3056
Grade 00 PV (11-13 microns)

Grade 0 PV (14-15 microns)
PV is extremely light and you are getting twice the fiber per same weight as in alpaca or other natural fibers.

Paco-Vicuña excels at extreme uniformity, with good staple length and crinkle in the fiber.  PV also has a very high degree of curvature, similar to merino.  And this is an important trait that we are tracking on every fleece as well.
Jefferson Farms Products
We take pride in the high quality of our fiber products. We shear the PVs either yearly or every other year.  We have a standard 3 inch minimum for staple length on our products, and often the extremely fine fleeces will be 4-4.5 inches due to being a 2 year fleece.   Every individual fleece is micron tested as well.   As a commercial fiber herd, our breeding focus is on fineness and uniformity to be able to offer only the best  fiber.

Rather than list all the lot numbers of products available, we offer yarns and rovings in different grades, but in 6 basic shades of white, beige, light/medium/dark vicuna and a rich mahogany.  However, even with over 350 PVs, we may not have every grade/every color all the time, so check for availability on our Etsy site.

Call or email us today, to request samples of either yarn or rovings
Grade 1 PV (16-17 microns)

Grade 2 PV (18-20 microns)

Grade 3 PV (21-23 microns)

Rovings, handcrafted goods and much more available for  through our online store: